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Submicron relief diffractive elements.

Student: Ing. Jan Drobek

Supervisor: Ing. Vladimir Kolarik, PhD.

   Analysis and solutions for realisation of very smart optical grid structures are described in this work. These diffractive strutures are prepared by the elctron-beam lithography on electron resist PMMA.
   There are specially focused problems of the proximity effect in the e-beam lithography and there are described solutions for the method for measurements of the proximity effect and methods for compensation of the negative influence of the proximity effect.
   There are described tests of the lithographic resist sensitivity, their analysis, preparation of the mathematical model for the lithographic resist sensitivity, preparation and measurements of the structures for analysis of the proximity effect and their model and software solutions for the corrections of this effect.

Figures: A triangular-profile grid - view by an AFM (top), the resulting profile (bottom).

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