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Thermoelectric sensors Mo-Ni and Mo-Pt

Student: Karel Dokulil

Supervisor: Ing. Vladimir Kolarik, PhD.

This bachelor work deals with a design and prototyping of thermocouple sensors in a battery-like arrangement, which is supposed to present a large range of output thermal voltage. The structure was designed using ASBEST language. The prototypes were realized using thin-film technology and electron-beam lithography. Two different structures were designed, both of them for molybdenum-nickel and molybdenum-platinum couple of metals.

The bachelor work falls within the frame of the grant GACR 102/00/0939 "Integrated intelligent micro-sensors and micro-systems".

Figures: A detail of final "RAW" structure (top), a detail of "FINE" structure after 1st lithography (bottom).

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