Project ELito

Title: Improvement of Electron-Beam Lithograph
Funded by: Grant Agency of the Czech Republic - GACR
Reference: GACR 102/97/1145
Years: 1997-1998
Total Budget: 674 kKc
Abstract: The aim of the project is the development of an instrument for research and prototype production of micro-elements. Actual electron beam lithograph could be useful for the above purposes. The basic part of the lithograph provides correct operation, however the electronic control part needs an improvement due to new requests in the area of data pre-processing and function stability.
Publication: F. Matejka, V. Kolarik, New Ways in Electron-Beam Lithography, Proc. of the 5th Electronic Devices and Systems Conference, Brno, 11.-12.6. 1998.
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